Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of Co-Op

Day was the first day of Co-Op. Two words... utterly exhausted. That I am. It is so much work to get all 5 kids ready ( feed, bathed, dressed, get all the things they will need for the next 4 hours, and out the door), not to mention my 1st hour class had 38 - 3rd to 6th graders and my 2nd hour class had about 50, 7th-12th graders! With God's help and all the wonderful Teaching Assistants He sent me, we made it through the day!!! Praise you Jesus!!

Now, I am off to finish up clipboard projects for the 40 ladies that will be at M.O.PS in the morning. Bright and early! Another day of getting all 5 kids ready and out the door!! Thank God I can rest on Saturday, No plans!!! Maybe I will feel creative, make a card and post it Saturday evening!!! Til then Happy Stampin'!!!



Jamie Aramini said...
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Jamie Aramini said...

Lori, you did such a great job! You really did. That was so much to take on. You did so good considering it all!