Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #31 - Steel Magnolias

"My colors are "blush" and "bashful" Mama!
Pink is my signature color."

I know this sounds like something I would say, but it wasn't me...It was Shelby!!!

Oh My Goodness!! I am excited I have found this fun challenge blog called
Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge
To be honest, I found it several months back and have been stalking it waiting for the right moment to enter....Well, the moment has arrived and I decided with just an hour to spare that I was gonna join in the fun!!

The movie Steel Magnolias (one of my most favorites) is this week's cinema!!! I could go on and on about some memories I have about this movie, but I won't. I would tell you what one character is my fav, but I can't...I love them all!!!
If you haven't seen this movie...YOU MUST!!! Try to watch it this weekend and then hop back here and let me know what you think of it AND if you have seen it then let me know what you thought of it)!!!

I am said to have missed my two mostest mostest bestest favorite movies...Grease and the Sound of Music!!! I am also crazy about Mary Poppins and Breakfast at Tiffany's, but yet you guessed it....Missed them too!!

Ok, I need to hush and hurry over to post my submission into Mr. Linky!!
You need to go have a peek and see what all my fuss is about!!!


Nellie Mae said...

I love this! Great work!!!

Terri said...

Beautiful card...and it ties in with Steel Magnolias perfectly! It's my all time favorite movie! Terri

Robin said...

OMG...I am dying here!! Were we seperated at birth?? Steel Magnolias is my all time favorite movie!! My daughter is named after it!! This card is gorgeous and totally works for the movie. It is absolutely perfect!

I will just close with my favorite line that I use OFTEN with my family...."you know I love ya more than my luggage".

Dawn said...

YOur card is GORGY!! I too looooooooooove this movie. My favorite line (or part of it)....."Here, take a whack at wheezah!"

Monika/Buzsy said...

Beautiful card! Love the border puhnch, the cut out greeting... the ribbon... everything! TFS!

Nancy Sanders said...

I love your card, it is beautiful in its simplicity.

Chat Noir said...

What was that you were saying about pink? Signature colur? I'd never have believed it! This is a beautiful card...deceptively simple and the BEST shade of pink. I love it.

I think this is a great site too, but I'm hopeless at guessing the movies. :-)

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Pink Perfection!

I love Steel Magnolias, too. My mother was born and raised in the South, and I still have lots of family there, so the movie resonates with me for so many reasons.

Unknown said...

GASP! Exquisite. :)