Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day One - Twenty-Twelve in Photos

Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year and Welcome to 2012!!

I am very excited not only because this is the first day of a brand new and fabulous year, but it's also the very first day of a project I have just started...Twenty-Twelve in Photos.
Each day I will take a photo and upload it here to my Blog and Facebook, then link it to a new blog I created just for everyone who wants to share their daily photos!

This is my first photo of 20.12:

Day 1 - Twenty-Twelve in Photos - LORi BOYD
I wanted to get a shot of all of us for my first photo, however...Eric is at work, Hannah is having lunch with my Mom and Aunt, Nealan is napping, and the other kids are watching the old Twilight Zone shows...I figured I better just draw us, it's much faster & easier than getting us all together! Hee hee!!

I sure hope you all decide to join in the fun!!

Blessings - LORi BOYD


Karina said...

Well I've already committed to doing Project Life....with hopes of taking a few good photos a week, so maybe this wouldn't be such a stretch. I managed to do 52 weeks of twenty eleven, so maybe I could give 2012 a shot as well. Sound like tons of fun - I'm jumping in but not sure I'll manage all 366....You are off to a great start (and I love your new FB timeline....I really should convert now that I'm getting used to it on others profiles). Happy New Year my friend.

Natalie said...

I don't think I could post 366, time just doesn't allow it, but it sounds like a fun adventure for you all! I'm looking forward in seeing all your fun pics - love your family "photo" very cute and clever!!! God bless you in 2012.

Becky Dunham said...

This sounds like such a great idea Lori! I am sure I would never keep it up, but I look forward to seeing your photos! Maybe I will try and do it at least partially - would be a great way to document life :)