Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hannah is 12!!!

OMGoodness! I am the Mommy of a 12 year old!

Hannah's birthday was yesterday December the 5th! I didn't get a chance to post because she kept me busy all day long!! First, I woke up and worked her childcare position for her at M.O.P.S. Came home and we did Christmas Crafts (she loves everything crafty, especially Stampin' Up!!!) and ate chocolate covered donuts and Thin crust Pizza. She then called and invited my Mom and Dad over and we put together our very first Gingerbread House!! This was SOOOO much fun and the kids loved it!! Played a few games and then she went to see my niece's choir group sing in our town square in celebration of Welcoming in Christmas by lighting the Huge Christmas tree they have each year right in the middle of downtown.

When she got home, we made dinner and cookies!! Then a little later, our friends Mark and Bekki came over with gifts for Hannah and Ella!! Yippee!! The girls loved their gifts!
By then I thought it was bedtime, but No No no Hannah decided it was time for a haircut or at least a trim, so being the good Mommy I am, after her shower I cut and blow dried her beautiful red hair!! We then had a Family BiRthday Pray, all of us even the little kids saying a pray for Hannah and her next year. Then we all said nice things about her and talked about how Thankful we are for her. She is so special!! We topped it all off with one BIG Family huge!!
Happy Birthday My Precious BabyGirl!!
I Love you very much!!


MaryJane said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! We love you so much!

Bekki B said...

I am so glad they liked the presents! It was fun to see their reaction! What a sweet tradition of praying for the birthday child!! And saying positive things...I have to steal that!