Monday, September 7, 2009

A Trial Freebie

Hi Everyone!!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and amazing emails I have received!! I am in awe of all the love and support out there. We are a sisterhood huh?!?! A Sisterhood of Traveling Stamps.... traveling (from blog to blog) and Stamps instead of pants...Ha Ha!! Ok, so I am being silly, but really while reading all the email and even the scripture that some of you passed along, YES I know what I should do!!! I was also thinking today about the friendships I have made BECAUSE of my BLOG!!! Friendship that I would never have made had I not hopped from here to there, not designed for any Design Teams or even been able to accept comments on my blog!!! WOW God is so good and I am so thankful for all of you...All the friends I have made and will make!!!

Ok, now to the FREEBIE Image....I MUST warn you this is ONLY a TEST!!! I have been thinking and praying about do a few digi designs, BUT I have no idea where to start (Any and all advice is welcome). I am thinking I need to purchase one of those Wacom Digital Drawing Tablets, but right now money is SUPER tight!! So until, I know what I am doing or where to start...A friend of mine said why not just draw something and stick it on your blog to see if people will like it. So that is what I did. This little ballerina mouse is a freebie, all I ask is that you leave a comment saying you took it, then make something with it and tell me know what is good and what needs improvement. Now this image is super raw so I know it is NOT perfect and this is not the quality I hope you will want to purchase one day, but I guess I just thought I'd take a baby step in the direction of my own digi stamps.
This will only be offered for free for 1 week, so tell you friends to come here and grab it.
Please do not share.
Please do not copy for anything other than personal use such as coloring and creating a card or scrap page.
Please give me credit when you post to your own blog.
Please remember to leave a comment saying you grabbed her, create something, then link it back here and add your card/project to Mr. Linky (Never know I might just find a few future DT members from what you link) then leave another comment or send me an email with your opinions.

Hope you all like my rough draft!! Thanks so much!!

This Freebie has been removed

Just click on the image, once it is bigger... save it!!
Image is ©ByLORiDesigns2009-LORiBOYD


Hannah said...

She is so cute!!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

Awww, she is so sweet!
I kinda like that the lines aren't smooth - gives it more character!
Okay, I'm borrowing your image ;)
and I'm breaking out some much horded paper that will be perfect :)
TFS!!! :*) margie

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh she is cute Lori. What fun.

Unknown said...

SO cute, Lori!!! You're going to rock this, I know it!

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

Lori, I LOVE it!!! Off to play :) YAY!!!!!

Sheri Gilson said...

She is so cute Lori!! I am so excited for you!! Can't wait to play with her. :D

Terri said...

Awwww...I love her!! I shall name her Miss TuTu! hehe Very are gonna be great at this!

Claudia said...

She is soooo cute!


Sylvia Blum said...

Oh my word.. she's such a cutie! Thanks so much for sharing and good to hear you made a decision you are happy with!!! :)
{hugs} Sylvia

Betty Boo! said...

Lori she is wonderful! Congratulations on your decision, and if you do continue and expand with digi stamps...I will be there ready to buy them all up from ya! I can't wait to use her and post it here for you! Thank you so much for the freebie!


Annie said...

Have snagged and saved her Lori - she is so cute.

I'll put a message on my blog to advertise for you.

Ann xxx

deifen said...

She's adorable Lori - thanks so much! I'm really busy at the moment with work and the kids so I may not create anything for a while but I've clearly labeled it with your name in a file and I certainly intend to add to this file when you open your digi-shop!
So sorry to read about your SU dilemma but you are doing the right thing and with some guidance from 'the Man above' you won't go wrong!
Best of luck Lori!
Dei (your fellow bee-crafter :-)

Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

LORI! She is darling!!! I find it the hardest to make cards with my own art ... but you are a natural and just so talented. I can't wait to see more of what you create. This mouse was just too fun to work with :)

Thank you for my comment. I am very touched by it, you mean so much to me :)

KarenB said...

She's adorable. Wishing you every success with new endeavour.

Trudi said...

Oh Lori Im so thrilled you are taking a step towards digital stamps! I hope it all works out for you! Thanks for the freebie and I can't wait to create something with her.

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller said...

Little ballet mousy rocks! If you need help/advice re scanning and software, I am around and have some cool tips ;) You don't need a tablet but they are some fun!

I love the loose & scribbly look, please don't neaten that part up.. it is delightful.

Good luck with your new venture if you decide to go through with it!

Hugs, Fred

Donna said...

Stunning card Lori, such a sweet little ballet mouse...I have grabbed this lil hunni and will try and get her on on a card this week...thanks for giving her away for free :) Donna x

WendyP said...

wishing you all the very best in your digi adventures
this image is very very cute
hugs W

Unknown said...

ok, i found the ballet mouse, and have grabbed it up! thanks for teh freebie! i have never used a digital image before, but woudl love to give it a try! i'll post back here when i use it! thanks again!

Lori said...

Thanks Lori! She's so cute...can't wait to use her!

The Spotted Chick said...

I think she's just adorable!!
I can't wait to color her up. Thanks Lori!

Tina said...

I absolutely adore the mouse card - super cute and love the pink and black and white.

Annie said...

your card is just gorgeous - mine is rubbish. Did it last night when I super tired and the light had gone, but hey I joined in and have put a posting on my blog for you. It printed great Lori and I would love you to get some digis on the market especially can we have Ellie?

Ann xxx

Irene said...


Theank you for the digi image. I will make a card and post it onto my blog for your to see.

Good luck with your new venture, I am sure you will be a fabulous success. The market is waiting for someone like you.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie,.........wishing you much success on your new adventure into digi land. :o) Tracy

Unknown said...

Your blog is wonderful, Lori! I've enjoyed my visit and will be back again!

Lisa Mala6 said...

She is so adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Joycelyn Pelkey said...

YAY for you!!! This is such a great image and I'm really looking forward to what else you come up with!!
Thanks so much for the 'freebie'!!

Anonymous said...

Love her! I saw on TV the other day (have no idea what I was watching) where a lady was drawing on one of those pen tablets hooked to her computer and I thought of YOU!!! Carmen

~*Joni said...

OH LORI! I grabbed her, hugged her, spun her around and twirled until her floppy ears got tired. SHE'S adorable!!! I am so excited to see that you are going digi! And yes, you ARE going digi. There's no reason for you not to. lol! I have learned so many things from other digi designers and as we both know, investing in any type of extras with a large family is sooo not practical! Email me if you'd like to chat, I am so definitely not a pro at this but I have bugged the best of them to give me their opinions. ;) teehee...

Bekki B said...

Ok, I saved it and can't wait to use it...but it's gonna have to wait! I'm so happy for you and I know things will work out!

Valerie said...

oh your little mouse is so adorable...keep making digital images they are so cute!!! I will be back to visit your blog because your cards are adorable!

I will also make a card using your little mouse and link it back to you!


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely image, I shall endeavour to make a card using this although I couldnt do as good a job as your card!

Keep creating I think you are great at this!

Thanks for the freebie this time round :O)
Take Care

Melissa Craig said...

She's adorable! Thank you. I'll play with her when I get back from dropping my son off at school!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What a cute image!! When I saw the new challenge, Crazy 4 Challenges, and then saw your first digital, here, I had to combine the two together in honor of your first digital!! Good luck with the digi's.

Cassie said...

yea for you lori! i don't know a TON about digital design -- but hubby does and I think you should look at Adobe Illustrator - that's what he uses to draw all of his stuff -- and something about vector art giving good results.

Oh - and he doesn't have a wacom tablet - just his mouse - so I'm sure you can get the results you want until the tablet is feasible!

Maria Matter said...

omgosh Lori, yay for you! Your little mouse is so adorable!
I'm so happy for you!
And if the Lord has stirred your heart to do know whatever you put your hand to will be a success!

I snagged her and will definitely use her and spread the word!!!
take care and thank you Lori!!!!
Blessing, Maria

Angie said...

Ok, she is sooo adorable, I snagged her and will be making something soon!

CFLanger said...

Super cute image! I just scooped her up and I'm heading down to the craft room to play!

Unknown said...

Hi Lori,
This image is super cute and I just had to have her. I am now off to try and make something with her and will be back to post later - hopefully today.
I do hope you persevere with your Digi World - if this is anything to go by it will be a huge success.
Dawn xx

Unknown said...

Hi Lori,
Well here it is - the card I made using your little mouse ballerina. Not sure I have done here justice on her first outing with me but as they say, things can only get better. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
Dawn xx

Anonymous said...

Today is my first visit to your blog. You show such great talent in all your wonderful creations.
I will be back to visit your blog often.

Deanne Clarke said...

Soooooo cute! Gonna have to try her on a card!!! Thanks!

MrsMomma said...

Thanks for the freebie, Lori! Can't wait to use her!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

I finally made it back ;)
Thank you for sharing your lil digi creation! Hope you like them!!!
:*) margie

Just Me said...

Oh my goodness that is such a cute image!! I am so sad that I missed out on this one! Your talent just blows me away!!

Maria Matter said...

Hi ya Lori!
I wanted to let you know I used your sweet little mouse today! Just too adorably cute!!! Thank you again for sharing her!
Blessings, Maria