Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easy Canvas Prints Review by Lori Boyd

I must admit before going any further that this post is near and dear to my heart.  I am posting today about a new found love...putting my photos on canvas...LOL.  
I am CRAZY over my 6 kiddos.  Whether God blessed us with them via biological birth (our 3 oldest) or by growing them in our hearts and then placing them with us once they needed a safe home and a family to love them (our 3 little ones)...I'm head over heels for all of them!
We have recently been walking through one of the most worrisome situations we have ever faced.  Last Sept 15th, God placed a precious little one in our home and hearts.  Since, then we have faced fear I do not wish on anyone!  We have had moments of weakness, when fear and worry has consumed us, but prayer (our own and that of our loving, supportive family & friends) and giving the situation to God is what has held us during this time of lessons and growing!
We know without a doubt that God has great and mighty plans for each of our sweet children and the smallest little bundle is no exception!
I have ALWAYS treasured my photographs, I remember as a child traveling from one country to another with my Military family...we were allowed to take one special thing on the plane with us, my special thing was always my box of photos.  Not much has changed since then...the only difference is I treasure them even more because they are mainly of those 6 Little Blessings I spoke of above.
Going through the last 8+ months...I think I treasure them even more (if that is possible).
I treasure them more because there may come a day when that sweet, precious, innocent baby boy that God placed in our lives, may not be able to stay in our home.  There are lots of hands in this pot and not everyone allows themselves to be guided by our Heavenly Father.
You never know what is around the corner, the best thing we can do is trust
 our Lord and Savior as we walk.
- - - - - - -
Wow, to be honest I did not sit down here with the intention of writing this, quite this way, but since it poured out, I'm gonna leave it. I guess it can be the prologue (letting you know how important photos are to me and why this canvas means so much) to my more upbeat, intended post. 
I actually planned on writing a fun, yipppeee, happy, excited post to let you know how extremely pleased I am with my new Easy Canvas Prints Canvas.

I was contacted by Easy Print Canvas, offering me canvas in return I was expected to write a review here on my blog letting you all know what I thought.  Which after 5 years working for Olan Mills Portrait Studios and my husband still employed by them, purchasing canvases for ourselves and selling many, many, many...I "knew" in comparison, the ECP was not going to be anywhere near the quality of that I was used to at Olan Mills!!

This kid crazy, picture takin', photo lovin' Momma of six will now be slathering Easy Canvas Print canvases ALL OVER our home!  I am AMAZED at the quality...far better than I even hoped it would be! Seriously, there is no way I would put my name on something if I wasn't thrilled with the quailty!!
 Not only was it super simple to order (the hardest part was picking the photo I wanted to use), but it shipped quickly too!
I will no doubt be ordering MORE (okay, I admit it...I already have...hee hee)!
Not only for our home, but these will make the BEST GIFTS - Christmas, Birthday...Oh my Goodness Father's Day is coming up soon...this would be PERFECT!!!

My photo does not do it justice, but I had to show it off...Eeecckkk, I love it!!
They even finish it off so nicely on the don't even need a frame.
It's gorgeous just the way it is...

I was so pleased and impressed, I signed up to be an the banner above (right under my blog header) there you will be taken to the website.  Take peek around, click on START YOUR CANVAS for pricing and details.
It is super easy!
If you have any questions feel free to email me at:

This is a special weekend for, fun, togetherness and MEMORIES...let 
Easy Canvas Prints help make those memories into a treasured heirloom.

You are going to LOVE your canvas, so order away!!!

Have a blessed, safe and fun weekend!



Gwen's Busy Little Hands said...

Lori, what a heartfelt and moving post. I completely understand where you are coming from. My 16 year old daughter chose to leave our home and go live with her father recently. It tore me apart in ways I couldn't have imagined. I've been praying a great deal about it and truly, it has been my greatest comfort.

Photographs are so much a part of who we are and how we got to be that person. They capture moments of our history, our family trees, fun times and serious poignancies. (Is that even a word? It feels right, I'm sure you get what I mean.) They are the thing I think of when I have to get something out of the house or protect during a tornado storm. My family first, pets as safe as possible and my photos in the safe zone with me.

The canvas looks fantastic and I love that you didn't need to frame it. What a beautiful way to display your favorite portraits. I will absolutely be checking this out. Thanks for the review and the wonderful post.


Jo Ann said...

I was not intending to read on your post as well but something drew me to do so and I am glad I did because you're post is such a blessing. Your unselfish desire to bless those kids (biological or not) is so amazing but when you talked about God, I understood right away where you're coming from for only our Father God through His Son, Jesus, is capable of such love and unselfish actions. Like you I treasure every moment I spend with my 6-year old son because he will grow up one day and I will miss all of our sweet moments together. I teach Him God's Word because I know that this is the only foundation He can have in facing such a trying world. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart and God bless your family.

Unknown said...

So so beautiful, Lori. The testimony & the canvas. :)

Judy Rozema said...

A beautiful post and such beautiful children. I know God has blessed THEM with a beautiful mother. Your words are so special and heartwarming!

Shelly said...

A beautiful and heartfelt post. I was also adopted at a young age and remember my biological mother. I know that my biological mother's prayers were answered by the wonderful family I was adopted in to.

Beautiful picture of your children and the canvas is stunning! I will definitely check out EPC! Blessings to you, your family is gorgeous!