Monday, January 12, 2009


Over on the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog, Maggie posted an Organization Article giving some great ideas and asking us to tell how we organize our Cuttlebug Stuff.
This is how I "organize" mine (if you can call this organized). I use my Cuttlebug VERY often so placing the folders in an open basket, allows me to just reach over, grab the folder of my choice and create away!! It's all about Fast and Easy Access!!


..tina.. said...

How cute! It's all in one pretty basket :)

Bekki B said...

That's how I am doing my dies for the big cuttle bug stuff is in my brown pack a around! I use it alot too!!! Love it!

cathscustomcreations said... check out this link...Ive tagged you to get the award I won today!!!

~Christina~ said...

I have the exact same 'organizational' idea with my stuff. I am always having to dig though. I have quite the collection...which is sad since I just started collected after Christmas. LOL.

LeAnne said...

This is nice & convenient. Mine are out, but "up" on a shelf, so I think I they were more "in my face", I would use them more! Your CB card is wonderful! I need to be more creative, obviously!
I am glad to see Sylvia passed her award on to you!