Sunday, June 14, 2009


"The Exalting Christ Blog Award "
I will treasure this award from Kristine
To me this award is what it's ALL about!! Everything we do, should be for Him and about Him!!! I am honored to have received this award!!! Like I told Kristine, I pray for the Lord to let His light shine through me, I never really thought about the fact that it could possibly be shining through my blog as well!!!!
Thank you, Kristine!

This blog award is given to bloggers who consistently exalt the name of Christ on their blogs. What a joy to see crafters blend their passion for Christ and paper crafting. This award is given to bloggers who share Christ through their posts or through the design of their artwork. We are commanded in Scripture to be 'salt and light' sharing the Good News of Jesus no matter where we are (Matthew 5:13-16). This award is just a way members of Women to Women: Sharing Jesus can say thanks for exalting Christ with us!
  1. Post the blog award in a regular post on your blog with the explanation, including the original link to WTW and the rules for passing the award along.
  2. Name five people to whom you want to offer this award and link to their blogs. The blogs need to obviously exalt Christ in some manner.
  3. Contact the bloggers you have named to let them know they can pick up their blog award from you.
  4. Invite them to permanently display the WTW blog badge and/or the award on their blogs. The badge can be obtained on the WTW site.

These are just a few of my Christian Blogging friends. A great, big, huge thank you to everyone who shows the light of Christ on their blog!





Chrissy D.



NinaB said...

Thanks so much, Lori, for this award. I am humbled to receive it. May God give us many more opportunities to proclaim Him through our blogs!

Terri said...

Awwww, thanks for the award!! How nice! I will get it on my blog soon! Terri

Silke Ledlow said...

Lori - thank you for thinking of me, but I just received this award last week :) Hugs ~S~

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lori! :)