Monday, October 22, 2012

Stuff & TPE

Good Monday my Friends!

We added a new lil' member to our family Saturday Night. My Mom and Dad's cat had kitten about 7 weeks ago and this Little Mister is one of the 5.
Eric and I said no to getting one at first...we sure didn't need anymore pets.
The kids keep asking...won me over this past week and then Thursday night I started working on Eric.
Saturday night I ended up telling him every little girl needs a kitten (Ella has never had a pet of her own and this litter was the first time Landon, Ella, McCoy and Jussie has ever seen kittens in real life...that is sad.)  I told him to be glad he had only one little girl wanting 1 Daddy had 3 little girls and two times during my childhood he gave into 3 new kittens so that we could all 3 have one of our own.

We had names picked out:
Oliver...Elvis... Presley
even Elvis Presley

Oh can't forget Ella's pick...Honey Boo Boo...that was quickly shot down by Hannah and Landon. LOL!  Eric ended up saying I know, "Name it Grayson" He knows I like that name and since he was started to act ok about our new buddy and even went so far as to think of a name...I told the kids that we had to name him what Daddy suggested, so he feels connected to it...Hee heee!
Landon says he isn't giving up, he still wants to name him Oliver!!!
We will never know! 

As of now, please meet Mr. Grayson Elliot...

The reason I said every little girl needs a kitten...
Ella loves him and I think he is starting to love her right back!

The Pink Elephant has a new challenge's a Halloween theme.
Here are a few of my By Lori Designs Halloween-y cards:

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Have a fabulous day!


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Jenn Borjeson said...

OMG OMG OMG - so cute! Lori, my little girl (17 - hee hee) found a kitten this Summer in a box of "Free Kittens" and we named him Oliver! LOL He's as precious as can be and the baby love of the family. Spoiled rotten. Enjoy your new baby. :)