Friday, February 13, 2009

My New Scarf and Blog Candy

I Love Scarves!! I like to wear pretty scarves. I have lots of colors. Normally, my Mom makes my scarves for me...I see a yarn I like and she makes a scarf just for me. Yesterday, I got a NEW scarf and it wasn't from my Mom....It was from my friend Bekki!!! I love it!! It is a beautiful color...a color I don't have. She used black and a Charcoal Eyelash Yarn. It has such soft texture and lovely dimension to it!! I wore it tonight to a 31 party I went to and I wore it with pride!!! Thanks Bekki!!

Ya'll wanna see my new scarf.....Tah-Dah!!!

I also wanted to let you all know about some Really, Super, Fantastic, Awesomely Awesome Blog Candy over on Christine's blog!! Hurry over and get a chance to WIN!! Woo Hoo!
Go get some Candy!!!!!!
And don't forget to take a peek at her Retreat House!!! Super Doper Nice!
Want more candy?? Ok, you asked for it!! It's really pretty an comes from CAZ at A Load of Old Blogocks!! It's a cute Nintendo DS Skin!! Enjoy!!


Tina said...

Beautiful! I am not classy enough to wear a scarf. people would just look at me and think "who is she trying to fool"

You rimind me of a true Southern Bell.

You can really tell I'm a transplant into the South.......sigh. I want to be you when I grow up teee heee

Anonymous said...

awesome blog Lori! I especially like your little president comment Hugs ~Donna

Brillie - said...

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MaryJane said...

Beddy nice! Beddy nice!

Enjoyed our "visit" this morning!

Anonymous said...

your scarf is stunning, just like you tina said...I too lack the class to wear em..mind you in minus 40 temps..i do wear one!