Thursday, March 25, 2010

DCRU-Inspiration Post

Happy Thursday all you DCRU Fans!!!
As you you know the Die Cuts R Us Design Team members periodically bring you 
Inspiration Posts, well, today is my turn and I am so excited for you all to see what I have for you!!

Ok, so by now, you have all seen the Puddle Jumpers, the stamps designed by 
me, Lori Boyd exclusively for Claudia and Company!!

You also know how fun they are to create with whether making a Card, a Scrap Page or a Project!  Yep, we have all stamped them beside their pet and Voila ...instant cute card, but have you thought about ALL the possibilities just 3 little Puddle Jumpers can offer!?!?!?
Well, I have and here are a few I wanted to share with you today:

Puddle Jumpers are perfect for making bright fun and cheery designs...

Soft, vintage, shabby chic cards

You also know that they each come with their own little pet and that the pets can be 
interchanged as you can see in this card:

However, did you know that the Puddle Jumpers have even more interchangeable options?
They sure do and this is how I  got started...
Color up your Puddle Jumpers and using your paper snips....just snip off their heads!!! Yikes!!!
That doesn't sound very nice...I know, but believe me you will be happy you did!!
Why, You ask??
Well, this is why:

Paper piece Daisy's head onto Emma's body....

Then, put Emma's head on daisy's body...

What about Daisy's head on...hee hee...Noah's body!!!
You wanna see more??? goes...

Try snip Daisy's pigtails off and switching sides...
Makes them look like brand new stamps... huh?!?!

So how many stamps are you REALLY getting, how many fun possibilities are there??
LOTS and LOTS, especially once you get all 3 of the new Puddle Jumpers being released on April 1st.
This post was so much fun and I hope you all have blast designing and paper piecing
your own Puddle Jumpers!!

Be sure to keep your eye on the Claudia and Company blog as all the 
April Release festivities are about to begin!!


Hannah said...

Awwwww!!!! I love the idea sooooo very cute!!!
Always enjoy your work!!
Hannah Bug

Welcome! said...

This is brilliant Lori, I would never think to cut their heads off, don't know if I could do it without squealing a lil bit! lol, LOVE IT!!!
Hugs, Krista

Scrappychick said...

OMG! Love it! They are all so cute mix and matched, like grrr-animals, LOL

Sheri Gilson said...

These are amazing!! What a fabulous idea!! You never stop to amaze me my dear friend!! I am so glad that I have all three PJ's and can't wait till the next release!!

Tammy said...

I'm blown away!
What a great project and cards.

Holly Young said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could switch heads and bodies like that? um - maybe not! LOL!
I love your shabby chic cards!

Cara said...

Hi, LORi!! How cute! Thanks for sharing so many adorable possibilities!

Loz said...

These are gorgeous Lori! I have to get me some of these stamps!!

Risa said...

OMG....I never would have thought of these possibilities in a million years! I'm sure gonna put on my thinking cap and get busy. Thanks for the inspiration Lori!