Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 3 and 4 - Twenty-Twelve in Photos

♥38 years ago today, God brought into the world, a man He designed to be my friend, my fun, my lean-to, my help, my heart, my confidant, my protector,my example, my hero, my love...MY EVERYTHING! 
Happy Birthday Eric!!
I Love and Respect and Trust you, more everyday! Thank you for being exactly who you are for God, for Me and our Children!

Eric giving Hannah a hug goodbye this morning as he left for work. Today is his 38th

 Birthday. The name of the font I used is Birth of a Hero...VERY fitting! My Hero!!


I found this sweet lil' thing sitting right beside & facing the same direction as the baby's 

bouncer. Ella made it out of 2 pairs of Baby Nealan's socks and his baby brush from the

hospital...perfect bed for the little bunny my Mom (Mamaw) gave her yesterday! 

I LOVE her Imagination!!


kadie said...

AWWWW! I love your photos, LO! Happy Bday to your Sweetie!

car badges said...

Happy birthday to your hero .. that is such an "aww so cute" foto !!

Michelle said...

Lori, the bunny is so cute! It makes me smile. :-)

Happy Birthday to Eric! I hope his day was wonderful. I love the look he's giving the camera.

Unknown said...

Happy belated bday, Eric. That bunny is so sweet. It reminds me of the bunny my C has had since he was 5. He still sleeps with it. :) XOXO T