Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Weather - I am Back!!!

Well, as you all (those of you with electric, cable, internet, phones) have probably seen there have been a few states dealing with a Winter Storm. Kentucky is one of those states and we experienced some complications from the weather. It is now about 10:45 am on Thursday, Jan 29th and I can now say that we have everything back, up and running (with nearly 300 emails to read)!!
I have to admit in a way it was a nice break from everything... Eric was off 2 of the days and we played puzzles, games and just had good ole' family fun!!
On a sad note, I did miss out on getting my card loaded for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Be Inspired #16 Distressed Card, so I will have to post it here (in the next post).

Here is a picture of the weather...What you can see is pretty, it's what you can't see that is so dangerous!!
This is today...NOTHING compared to yesterday!

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