Saturday, January 24, 2009

Look what was in the Mailbox today!!!

Hello Everyone!! Look what was in the mailbox this morning!! Yippee!! Treats for me!!

A treat for my heart...Wow!!
My blog friend, Jennifer Meyer from Jennifer's Sweet Designs (and sweet they are) sent me a card!!! I must admit, her cards are some of the finest cards I have ever seen, talking about inspiration...Go get ya some!!
She is amazingly talented and my heart is so happy!
Thanks so much Jennifer!
This really means so much to me!!

A little treat for my eyes!!
AHHH, When the kids go to sleep, you know what I'll be doing!!

And a treat for my hands...Stuff to create with later, Waahaha!!

This entire bundle was sent to me today from my upline Tami White, She is just the best upline ever! So inspiring, encouraging, supportive and giving (as you can see).
Tami, rewards her Top 3 Monthly Sales demonstrators with good stuff like this!!
Yipee, for me I was one of them for the month of December!
I have to Thank all the girls in my monthly Stamp Club for this one and Carmen!
If it were not for you girls, I would never be top 3 in sales!!
Thanks so much!!


Bekki B said...

Whoa, how fun!!! It's always nice to get stuff in the mail...especially when you're not expecting it. Congrats on the top sales in December!

Amber said...

What fun! So much better than finding bills in the mailbox isn't it? I just left you a long message on a previous post (blog award) and didn't want you to miss it:)