Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Puppy Update: 4 days old

PUPPY Update: 4 days Old- January 20th~2009

I checked all the puppies yesterday when I took these pictures and we have...
9 girls and 1 boy!!!! Girls Rule!!!
I haven't really let the kids hold them and look at them yet. Graycie had such a rough 2 days of delivering. I have wanted her to rest and bond. Not to mention, once my four little rugrats know that the puppies are in there I am afraid I will have a tough time keeping them away from the puppies!!

Hannah is already working me, trying to get me to KEEP them!! NO way!! There is NO way we are adding the care of 10 puppies to my already overflowing list of to Dos!!
So. I will be selling them.
Girls will be $200 and the Boy will be $175
I will take them to their first Vet visit and get their first shots
One of the puppies already has a reserve on it!!
If I have it figured correctly and the vet okays it they will be ready to go to their new homes on the 27th of February!! They will be 6 weeks old then.I pray that they will go to ONLY good homes. That is SO important to me.
Golden Retrievers need lots of exercise, love and attention!!!

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Tina said...

You better beleive I will be begging my DH for one of these golden beauties. His dream has always been a female golden retreiver....hmmmm I might be able tpp persuade.........Oh my goodness. They are beautiful

MaryJane said...

AAAWWW!!!! I could stare at those little cuties for ever! I'll be praying that they all go to GREAT homes!

Bekki B said...

oh Man...those are so gorgeous!!! I want one! But count me room in the inn!

Stacey Schafer said...

how sweet:) thanks for sharing this special news and the darling photos! i have a coworker who is looking for a golden retriever! what state are you in...tennessee?

i'm with the band said...


Jenn K said...

OH my goodness aren't they just the sweetest!! Wish I could have one...we already have a dog, cat and fish.

Michele Kovack said...

Awwwwwwwww, how cute are they??!! ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the sweetest things ever! How cute!

Trudi said...

OMG they ar adorable! Im only allowed 1 dog :( She's a spoiled one though. You will have your hands full the next couple months.

Heather Schlatter said...

Oh Lori,

how sweet are those pups???

I hear you on the growing list of responsibilites!!!

I am a Mommy to two girl, one boy, 3 cats, 1 huge black lab named Clifford if that tells you anything, and now 10 fish too!!! Plus my Hubby so all that alone keeps me hopping.

You must be very busy with such little one and so close in age, but how much fun life must be too!!!

Thanks for Sharing, and thank you for such sweet comments on my blog. I am glad you happened by my blog so I could happen by yours too!!!