Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TPE - First Blog Hop

Look what we are getting ready to hop into...The Pink Elephant's First Ever Easter/Spring Blog Hop!! We are advertising now because this is gonna be a jam packed weekend of fun, fun, fun and we don't want you to miss it!!
Tutorials, Games, Prizes, Inspiration and a lotta fun!! We will start the event of with a Mini-Challenge that will be announced at "hop" off time...Friday @ 7pm est!!

So put The Pink Elephant on your calendars and be sure to meet us there!!

P.S. Robin took my Ella the Pink Elephant drawing and a little bunny I drew and created an awesome banner!! Great Job Robin!! I am throwing you a GREAT BIG Thanks!!
Feel Free to post the banner on your own blog with a link to TPE!!


Sunshinecoastgrl said...

Hi Lori,
Thanks for the heads up. I won't miss this one! I love bloghops. Love the banner!! (stole it to post on my blog!!) Cheers, Colleen

Toby and Valerie Durham said...

OOOH! I can't wait! I'm loving it all!

Unknown said...

Cute idea!! Sounds like lots of fun! The banner is too cute! Terri

Jennifer Meyer said...

Sounds like fun Lori! LOVE the sweet banner, too cute!!

Jennifer :)

Bekki B said...

Well, I hope I can hop! I will be busy that weekend, but I'll do what I can! Bummer! I will put your banner up though! Smootches!

Bekki B said...

Forgot to mention...I love the banner! So detailed...Good job Robin and Lori!